Revisions & Supplemental Agenda for 12/19/23


Agenda Revisions and Supplementals

Note:  This supplemental agenda is updated daily showing items that have been added, continued, deleted or modified.

No new supplemental items will be added to the agenda following close of business on Friday immediately prior to a Board meeting.




2.         Revised Title to read:

Chairman Wagner - Orange County HIV Planning Council - Reappoint Homero Beltran, Irvine, Adelmo Chan, Stanton, Cindy "Michelle" Gallardo, Long Beach, Dr. Geeta Gupta, Orange, Fernando Martinez, Fullerton, Dr. Christopher Ried, Fullerton, Ricardo Velasco, Mission Viejo and Dr. Jeffrey Vu, Tustin, for terms ending 12/31/25; and appoint Eder De Leon, Anaheim and Brian DeGeer, Irvine, for terms ending 12/31/25


3.         Revised Title to read:

Sheriff -Coroner - Adopt resolution authorizing expenditures in the amount of $35,000 $50,000 annually to provide appreciation certificates, letters, plaques, awards, meals and refreshments to volunteers at Sheriff-Coroner Department’s Special Operations Division Volunteer Recognition events and trainings; and make related findings per Government Code Section 26227 - All Districts (Continued from 10/31/23, Item 4)




22.       Continued to 1/9/24, 9:30 a.m.


31.       County Executive Office - Approve grant applications/awards submitted by Probation, Sheriff-Coroner, John Wayne Airport and County Executive Office, and retroactive grant applications/awards submitted by Health Care Agency in 12/19/23 grant report and other actions as recommended - All Districts


33.       Deleted


35.       Revised Title to read:

Supervisor Chaffee and Supervisor Sarmiento - Adopt resolution opposing any unilateral action by Kaiser Permanente's attempt to reduce mental health therapists' Patient Management Time (PMT) and encourages Kaiser Permanente to spend $150 million pledged funds to correct behavioral health disparity between Northern and Southern California and provide an annual public accounting of how pledged funds were spent (Continued from 10/31/23, Item S23A; 11/7/23, Item S12B; 12/5/23, Item 16)




            Items:  2, 3, 31 and 35


S  u p  p  l e  m  e n  t  a  l    I t e m (s)


S35A.  County Executive Office - Approve and adopt 2023-2026 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs for Peace Officer and Supervising Peace Officer Units, 6/30/23 - 6/25/26; and authorize County Executive Officer or designee to execute MOU - All Districts


S35B.   County Executive Office - Approve and adopt 2023-2026 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Association of County Law Enforcement Managers for Law Enforcement Management Unit, 6/30/23 - 6/25/26; and authorize County Executive Officer or designee to execute MOU - All Districts


S35C.   Supervisor Sarmiento - Approve amendments to Rule 37 of the Board of Supervisors Rules of Procedure and proposed Guidelines for District Discretionary Projects Program


S35D.  Supervisor Foley - Direct OC Public Works, in consultation with Orange County Traffic Committee, to draft an ordinance updating County of Orange’s Municipal Code to adopt Electric Bicycle Safety Regulations


S35E.   Supervisor Chaffee - Approve addition of County Volunteer Appreciation Day to County Events Calendar; and make related findings per Government Code Section 26227


S35F.   Health Care AgencyCalOptima Board of Directors – Select and appoint one candidate to serve in seat designated for current CalOptima member or family member of a current CalOptima member, to complete term ending 8/3/24 - All Districts


S35G.  County Executive OfficeApprove Amended and Restated Lease agreement with MSPN, LLC, Royal BP, LLC and Fortunatos, LLC for Health Care Agency office space for Public Health/Women, Infants and Children program at 6301 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, 1/1/24 - 12/31/33; renewable for one five-year term; authorize Chief Real Estate Officer or designee to execute subsequent documents, exercise option terms and amendments under certain conditions; and make California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemption findings under CEQA Guidelines Section 15301 - District 4


S35H.  Sheriff-Coroner - Approve amendment 1 to contract MA-060-23010500 with CASK NC LLC for ServiceNow support services, Human Resources Service Delivery Module Integration and Cask Managed Services support maintenance, term ending 4/30/26 ($877,044; cumulative total $2,378,530; and authorize County Procurement Officer or Deputized designee to execute amendment - All Districts 


SCS2.   County Counsel - CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL - EXISTING LITIGATION - Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(1):

Name of Case:  Tomasa Noriega v. Orange County Sheriff’s Department Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2022-01249901



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