About the Board

The cities and unincorporated areas in Orange County are divided into five Supervisorial Districts. Although the districts vary in physical size, their populations are approximately the same, and each district elects a Supervisor to a four-year term. Each Supervisor can serve two four-year terms.

Terms are staggered so that all districts do not have elections at the same time. The First and Third Districts will have elections in 2020, and the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Districts will have elections in 2022.

These five elected officials comprise the Orange County Board of Supervisors. Every year, the Board elects two of its members to serve as chair and vice chair.


Who They Are

Supervisor Donald Wagner Donald P. Wagner, Chairman 
 Third District 
 (714) 834-3330
Anaheim (portions of), Irvine (portions of), Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Orange (portions of), Rancho Santa Margarita, Tustin (portions of), Villa Park, Yorba Linda, and the Unincorporated Communities of Modjeska, North Tustin, Silverado, Trabuco Canyon and Williams Canyon
Supervisor Andrew Do Andrew Do, Vice Chairman 
 First District 
 (714) 834-3110
Cypress, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove (portions of), Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos, La Palma, Seal Beach, Westminster, and the Unincorporated Communities of Midway City and Rossmoor
Supervisor Vicente Sarmiento Vicente Sarmiento
 Second District
 (714) 834-3220
Anaheim (portions of), Garden Grove (portions of), Orange (portions of), Santa Ana, Tustin (portions of), and the Unincorporated Communities of North Tustin
Supervisor Doug Chaffee Doug Chaffee 
 Fourth District 
 (714) 834-3440
Brea, Buena Park, Fullerton, La Habra, Placentia, Stanton, portions of Anaheim, and unincorporated communities
Supervisor Katrina Foley Katrina Foley 
 Fifth District
 (714) 834-3550
The Cities of Aliso Viejo, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, Irvine (portions of), Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Newport Beach, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, as well as the unincorporated areas of Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch, Las Flores, and Rancho Mission Viejo



Board offices are located in the Hall of Administration, on Santa Ana Boulevard between Broadway and Ross Street in Santa Ana. The Board’s mailing address is 400 W Civic Center Dr, Santa Ana, CA 92701.


What They Do

The Board oversees the management of the County government and its many special districts. In its legislative duties, the Board adopts ordinances, resolutions and minute orders within the limits prescribed by State law. As an executive body, the Board:

  • Establishes policy
  • Approves the annual budget
  • Appoints an Agricultural Commissioner, Chief Engineer, Chief Probation Officer (appointment made in partnership with the presiding judge of juvenile court,) Clerk of the Board, County Counsel, County Executive Officer, County Health Officer, County Librarian, County Surveyor, County Veterinarian, Director of Child Support Services, Director of John Wayne Airport, Director of the Social Services Agency, Internal Auditor, Performance Auditor, Public Defender, Public Guardian, and the Veteran Services Officer.
  • Approves contracts for projects and services
  • Conducts public hearings on land-use and other matters
  • Makes appointments to boards, committees and commissions

The Board’s legislative and executive activities are conducted at public meetings with certain personnel and legal matters discussed in closed sessions.


Where They Are Seated

The Board of Supervisors’ dais from left:

  • First District Supervisor 
    Andrew Do, Vice Chairman
  • Third District Supervisor 
    Donald P. Wagner, Chairman
  • Fourth District Supervisor 
    Doug Chaffee
  • Fifth District Supervisor 
    Katrina Foley
  • Second District Supervisor
    Vicente Sarmiento

Below the Board of Supervisors’ dais from left:

  • County Counsel
  • Clerk of the Board
  • County Executive Officer

Board staff members sit at the table to the right of the podium. County staff members sit at the table to the left of the podium. A Clerk of the Board deputy sits next to the podium.


Term Information


 Name  Election or Appointment  Current Tenure
Andrew Do, Vice Chairman
Supervisor, First District

400 W Civic Center Dr, 
5th Floor 
Santa Ana, CA 92701 
(714) 834-3110
 Special election 1/27/15, Sworn in 2/3/15
 Re-elected 11/8/16, Sworn in 1/10/17
Re-elected 11/3/20, Sworn in 1/4/21
Partial term, 2/3/15 - 1/2/17
4 year term, 1/2/17 – 1/4/21
4 year term, 1/4/21 – 1/6/25
Vicente Sarmiento
Supervisor, Second District

400 W Civic Center Dr, 
5th Floor 
Santa Ana, CA 92701 
(714) 834-3220
Elected 11/8/22, Sworn in 1/2/23 4-year term, 1/2/23 – 1/4/27
Donald P. Wagner, Chairman
Supervisor, Third District

400 W Civic Center Dr, 
5th Floor 
Santa Ana, CA 92701 
(714) 834-3330
Special Election 3/12/19, Sworn in 3/27/19
Re-elected 11/3/20, Sworn in 1/4/21
Partial term, 3/27/19- 1/4/21
4-year term, 1/4/21 – 1/4/25
Doug Chaffee
Supervisor, Fourth District

400 W Civic Center Dr, 
5th Floor 
Santa Ana, CA 92701 
(714) 834-3440
Elected 11/6/18, Sworn in 1/7/19
Re-elected 11/8/22, Sworn in 12/27/22
4-year term, 1/8/19 - 1/2/23
4-year term, 1/2/23 - 1/4/27
Katrina Foley
Supervisor, Fifth District

400 W Civic Center Dr, 
5th Floor 
Santa Ana, CA 92701 
(714) 834-3550
Special election 3/9/21, Sworn in 3/23/21
Re-elected 11/8/22, Sworn in 1/3/23
Partial Term 3/23/21 – 1/3/23
4-year term, 1/3/23 – 1/4/27



Internet Broadcast

Live webcast of Board meetings can be viewed online. In addition, video-on-demand of past meetings starting from January 2007 are also available.


Meeting Agendas

The agenda sequence for a Board meeting is:

  1. Presentations and Introductions (9:00 A.M., prior to the start of the regular meeting)
  2. Invocation
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Consent Calendar
  5. Discussion Calendar
  6. Public hearings
  7. Closed Session
  8. Public, Board and CEO comments (may be heard before closed session at the direction of the Chair) 
  9. Adjournment 

Advance copies of the agenda and agenda staff reports are available here or by calling Clerk of the Board at (714) 834-2206.

Updates to the agenda, including revisions to agenda items, supplemental items and any other special meeting notices, are available online and on the Clerk of the Board’s Info-line at (714) 834-3453.

The public may send Public Comments electronically for upcoming Board meetings by emailing response@ocgov.com.  Comments submitted before the start of Board meetings will be part of the public record and distributed to the Board members for their consideration.

The County’s Voice Your Opinion service also allows the public to submit their opinions online. These comments are distributed to the Board, County Executive Officer, and County Counsel.


When They Meet

Regular Board of Supervisors meetings are typically held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Meetings take place in the County Administration North, Board Hearing Room, 400 W Civic Center Dr, first floor, Santa Ana and begin at 9:30 a.m. A complete list of meeting times and dates is also available.


For more information about your Board of Supervisors and its duties, call the Clerk of the Board at (714) 834-2206 or visit their website.